My Work
Creative Editing Showreel


Using footage from my own work and some of my favourite films, I edited together this creative showreel to present my editing skills and techniques.



A short film set on an ice rink, where a night-shift security guard discovers he's not alone. This was my first crowdfunded short film, exploring themes of isolation and suspense.



In light of COVID-19, filmmaking became incredibly hard due to social distancing and funding reductions. To keep creative I created, among other things, this short film titled "Webcam" whereby a man discovers a livestream that's quite frankly out of this world.

Super Mix


My first feature film, and an achievement I'm proud of especially as it's technically a "zero budget film." In a post-apocalyptic world, morality is tested and a harsh environment has molded demented madmen. Exploring themes of mental illness and inequality, two strangers - a mute and a man fleeing his past - search for a women-only haven called 'Eve.' The full 2 hour film can be watched here:

Music Videos

2011 - 2020

With almost a decade of experience in doing music videos, I've brought music to life through editing techniques, visual effects, and even with word clouds. This is a showcase of some of my work throughout the years.


I've always loved photography, and it's helped me to be ambitious and confident with my cinematography work too.


I am Joshua Armstrong. Video Editor. Screenwriter. Director.

All in one package filmmaker.

For as long as I can remember I've always been writing and

film-making. Whether it be birds in the sky, or intense fight sequences, I love nothing more than to create gripping stories that both astound and surprise.

Graduating from Anglia Ruskin University with a BA (Hons) in Film Studies, my dissertation screenplay received the highest marks in the history of my course.

After traveling and living around the world while refining my art, I'm looking forward to the projects that await me, and would love to hear from you about which story inspires you, and you're passionate to create.


I'll always reply within 24 hours.